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We provide a weekly and monthly outsourced payroll service for many small companies in the UK. Our wholesale business also provides payslip business stationery including software, payslips & P60 year end documentation.

We ship all our orders the same day if ordered before 3pm.


Creating and then double checking documents are correct is very important and although most reputable firms should use a good software package such as Sage it still takes time to double-check and make sure all details are correct. If you buy a payslip service purely on the lowest price then expect problems. A reputable provider will allow for the time taken to make sure there are no errors. Our prices are still very competitive without compromising our service.


Using our online ordering service is simple and takes just a few minutes to order your pay slips or P60. We don't process orders over the telephone to avoid errors that could occur due to spelling or not hearing something correctly. Instead you enter some fairly simple information on the order screen such as address, payslip dates, amount staff are paid and we do the rest. Additional information such as tax code, pay office etc are always helpful but we're the experts so if you haven't got that we can use default codes for any particular year.


Today more companies are paying staff electronically with only an email summary of their salary breakdown.


If you need a physical copy for any reason, simply printing your email is unlikely to be satisfactory proof of income.


Quick an easy online ordering ensures rapid despatch


Pay slip orders placed after 4pm on a Friday are processed Monday morning. If we are extra busy they we may email to you over the weekend to avoid starting the week with a backlog. We process orders strictly in the order which they are received and we clear all work before we leave.



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Top Frequently Asked Questions - Read more here


I'm not sure of my details, can you check with my employer? No, I'm sorry your employer can't share that information, but don't worry. If you know how much you we're paid, and if you pay standard tax rates, we can easily work out your correct payroll.


What information do you need from me? If your replacing electronic pay documents from your employer, just forward one and we can transfer the data. For most people their payroll is very straightforward and we can create with just the pay amount, tax code & NI number.


Can you add my company logo & custom layout? Our Payslips & P60 documents are laid out in standard industry format, printed on genuine Sage payslips & HM forms. We can customise the data such as Bonus, Pension, Sick Pay, etc but not the design or layout.


When will they arrive? We are fast, very fast. We usually send an email copy within 1 (working) hour. Post is shipped the same day, mostly arriving within 24 hours.

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